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Starts easily and is tackling very high thick grass and woody weeds. Don't waste your time with the written instructions I have used craigslist wagoner ok machine for good morning handsome text messages ten hours. Gary J. With the rainy season approaching I knew I'd put this trimmer through it's paces. The engine is easy starting and starts on the first pull. Also the new one arrived with a few things out of adjustment.

Craigslist wagoner ok.

craigslist wagoner ok

craigslist wagoner ok

Craigslist wagoner ok. If not for poor quality control I would have given 5 stars.

craigslist wagoner ok

craigslist wagoner ok

Craigslist wagoner ok. The old trimmer cable was not exposed.

craigslist wagoner ok

craigslist wagoner ok

Craigslist wagoner ok. The only gripe is putting in new trimmer string to say its a pain is mild

craigslist wagoner ok

craigslist wagoner ok

Craigslist wagoner ok. Below are over keywords that will give you an idea of just how many people are looking for teacup puppies for sale.

craigslist wagoner ok

Craigslist wagoner ok. As a result of the rave reviews I purchased the 7.

Craigslist wagoner ok. Box Oklahoma City, OK dogsasfamily hotmail.

Craigslist wagoner ok. The offset is not enough when the cord shortens and it requires a lot of back and forth manipulation because the left side rubs against the fence or wall otherwise.

Craigslist wagoner ok. There is not enough adjustment.

Craigslist wagoner ok. It was easy or so my husband said and the trimmer worked as the ads said.

Craigslist wagoner ok. Quality seems ok so far.

Craigslist wagoner ok. Not sure on the blue twisted cording performance though, doesn't seem to be as durable as the other and we did soak it first.

Craigslist wagoner ok. My old weed whip will be used very little if at all.

Craigslist wagoner ok. I used my new trimmer this morning and am really pleased with its performance.

Craigslist wagoner ok. The DR trimmer cut the time to about two hours, with much strain on my back.

Craigslist wagoner ok. I am so pleased with this purchase.

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  1. The unit pictured on the DR website is not what actually ships the website has the prior model. Ft Lbs Torque 7. I plan on buying the pull-behind brush mower soon.

  2. I would not be without one. I should have purchased this sooner! Holiday cookies Anheuser-Busch delivering drinking water to Florida, Georgia.

  3. Zoi's Animal Rescue P. My one wish would have been a hard rubberized handle instead of the softer foam one.

  4. Larry B. China's moves on foreign investment help shore up markets Hopes that the U. Very pleased with the purchase! No dental insurance?

  5. Like the trimmer, but it came covered in engine oil. Box Oklahoma City, OK dogsasfamily hotmail. A most excellent machine. We live in the country and have lots of weeds and tall grass.

  6. Jeffrey Z. I do need stronger wheels since I use it on very unlevel terrain. If it had pneumatic tires I would give it 5 stars.

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