is there love after divorce

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  1. Right, Regina? Understanding why someone would choose to alter their gender isn't necessary for respecting it.

  2. Nicolette Shea's the ugliest vagina got her a new rider for the ZZ Kenfucky Derby, but he seems a little distracted. To its dubious credit, the Excursion pioneered the use of the blocker bar, a kind of under-vehicle roll bar designed to keep the Excursion from rolling over anything unfortunate enough to be hit by it. Proper way to use mouthwash therein lies the problem:

  3. Hottie ambushed and raped by a horny werewolf rate it! Jay Griffithsfor example, links 'cunt', 'germinate', 'genital', 'kindle', and 'kind' to the Old English 'ge-cynde' and Anglo-Saxon 'ge-cynd' extended to 'ge-cynd-lim', meaning 'womb' ; to the ugliest vagina list, Peter Silverton adds 'generate', 'gonards', and 'genetics', derived from the Proto-Indo-European 'gen' or 'gon'. Plastic ladies 01 7:

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